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Milan For the First Time!

I visited Milan for the first time! It was awesome, it reminded me so much of New York!

Everybody in Milan is beautiful. Except I don't understand this hairstyle that young dudes here have: shaved to the scalp on both sides of the head and then spiked up like a porcupine on the top. I think they think it's a good look but I think this is going to go down in history as the mullet of the 2010s.

Also, can we talk about how the McDonalds in Italy is gourmet? I went for breakfast and they were serving espresso in a tiny cup and plate (as they do in italy), and then the burgers that they had were like 8 Euros! No dollar menu in sight. It's amazing how chain stores adapt to their environment.

The 2 pictures above are from "Eataly" - which is an amazing grocery store/restaurant/bookstore/place-to-get-gelato. It was delicious and I was THOROUGHLY impressed with their selection of yogurt. It was beautiful.

All in all, I love Milan and I would definately move here one day. Italy is impressing me constantly.


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