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Carnivale and Roaming Adventures

This weekend in Padua, there was an antique market, but also a parade? A lot of times here in Italy I see festivities and don't understand what for, but I don't mind! There was more confetti throwing and laughter.

The antique fair was particularly fascinating because you had the opportunity to be the new owner of an antique that has already had many other owners. I bought for 2 euros this old post card written in Italian. I got someone to translate it, and it was a letter from an Italian soldier during WW1 who was writing back home to his family to ask for supplies. This post card was over 100 years old! What really got me was when he talked about how beautiful the moon was that night and how it reminded him of his family. And to think that each night, I still look at that same moon. It's extremely beautiful and inspiring.

I like to imagine the lives of people before us and remind myself that I'm not so different from them now. Except for how I have an iphone and I am now allowed to vote. But yeah, mostly the same.

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