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My First Vidcon! 2014

This picture below is me with Casey Lavere and Gage. This was my first time at Vidcon and I definately was starstruck! Heck, it was my first time in California! Of course you secretely want to be BFFs with all of your idols so I wasn't sure if I would be best off by playing it cool in front of the YT stars or charming them with some jokes. I decided that it would be best to awkwardly freeze and tell a joke about how famous they were and have said Youtuber not laugh and then proceed to melt in a pool of deafening silence. But it was really fun! It was surreal to be in an environment of like-minded people and to forego the computer screen and have Youtube personality's collide into your plane of reality. I was too shy to approach everyone that I wanted, and my phone decided to delete like 80% of the pictures that I made with my idols, but the pictures that I have left are worth the experience.


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